Magic ada

low-fees. always-on. ADA stake pool

Why stake with Magic ada?

Magic ada will have 0% fees for the foreseeable future. If we need to change the fee structure we will broadcast via and the Telegram bot. The Telegram bot will update you when Magic ada wins slot battles and makes new blocks, but I can also broadcast messages to you all too. You can securely stake to Magic ada with the knowledge that we will provide a highly available, reliable stake pool and pass on maximum block rewards for your stake. We have been running a stake pool on the ITN from the very beginning and have a wealth of experience running performant HA architecture.

ITN - During the Incentivised testnet period of Shelly, Magic ada was a consistent and high yield pool with many loyal delegators. Click on the images below to see Magic ada ITN performance data taken from and

About Magic ada

Professional & reliable infrastructure is the foundation of Magic ada's mission to contribute to the Cardano network.

  • 24/7 support
  • low-latency
  • up to 10 Gbps
  • 99.9999 SLA
  • UK located Tier 3 data center

Stake with confidence at Magic ada!

Shelley is alive!

The launch of Shelley is one of the most anticipated events in crypto history. 5 years in the making, Cardano is the most complete blockchain product in the market today.

Shelley ITN

The Incentivized Testnet was a way to test the theory in a sandbox environment to make sure it works as intended. The ada rewards earned for delegating a stake or running a stake pool were real and are now spendable. ITN was a remarkable bootcamp that enabled hundreds of stake pool operators to hone their craft.

Make your own pool

See below links to the offical IOHK resources I used to create Magic ada.

Cardano Community

See links to the Telegram 'CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup' group and guides I found invaluable when getting started.

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